The Beginnings of 2014

2014 did not start out amazing. Sickness filled our home. Since the new year I have only made it to our church gathering once … maybe twice, I can’t even remember now. Lets just say not enough! Fevers, sneezing, coughing, oh the coughing! There has been a lot of this:

and a lot of this:

and this:

and…. this:

With some of this:

and this:

Minus a few runny noses, we seem to be on the up and up! So very, very thankful.  Thank you to those who brought us food, prayed for us, and offered to help out. Even when we don’t have family that lives close, you guys help fill in that void a bit.

February, you better have something better up your sleeve for this family! No more sickness please!!


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