Change is Good.

A few weeks ago we switched around all the rooms in the house. The boys got our room. We moved into the room across the living room. Sadie moved into the boys’ old room. And the guest room is now Sadie’s old room. Change is good.

We still need to hang up pictures, but all the furniture is in place.
This post will have pictures of the boys’ new room! They love it! It so big. All of their toys got moved from the living room to their room. Now in the living room there are only their books and a basket of some of Sadie’s toys.


DSCN4331 DSCN4336 DSCN4343

All three of the kids play more with their toys now that they are in here. Its nice to have an “away” place to send them. It looks something like this, “Nehemiah, if you still want to be crazy Iron Man guy, that’s fine, just go be Iron Man down in your room!” Or, “Malachi, this is the second time you’ve tried to ride your bike over Sadie, go ride it in your room please!” Their room is their basement, their outside. Sometimes it gets really messy. Sometimes it gets rather loud in there. Sometimes there is fighting and other times there is peace and hugs. There is always fun.  Memories are being made in that room.




One thought on “Change is Good.

  1. Love this post! And awww, poor Sadie! Tell Malachi that Ashley says he shouldn’t ride over her with his bike anymore haha :)

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