Healing through food.

Since the beginning of January I have changed the way I eat. It has been hard at times, but overall its been good, so good. I have seen my body change and I have seen my body start to slowly heal. Let’s back up. Before the new year I sat down at a cafe in the Old Port with good friends, Shar and Severine. I explained to them about my new allergies in the past year or so and how it seemed that my allergies keep growing:

First celiac disease – no wheat, rye, barley, or oats.

Next raw fruits – ALL. From watermelon, to apples, to avocados.

Then raw vegetables – yes all, carrots, broccoli, and so on.

After that, dairy – goodbye milk, ice-cream, and yogart.

Shar and Severine (who know all things food) informed me that I might have a leaky gut.  Which means my gut is literally leaking and when it leaks my body responds by becoming “allergic” to these foods. Thus began my three months of gut healing. The first month Dwight, Shar, and Emilio joined me (because they are wonderful like that). We began using the method of healing called GAPS Full–no dairy, grains, sugar, and most legumes. There are a lot of other foods that aren’t allowed, but that gives you an idea. Within the first week I could feel a difference and see it! Before I started eating this way, I would almost daily tell Dwight, “My stomach is hurting again!” but within the first week no pain! Also, no more bloating! I didn’t even know my stomach was bloated that much. I just thought I needed to do some more ab exercises (ahem); but within the first week of changing my eating, down the bloating went. (Let me be clear that I still should do ab exercises but that will have to wait till my abs are actually back together after having kids, but thats a different post.)


After the first month, Dwight, Shar, and Emilio eased up on the GAPS while I kept going strong for another month. Not once did I cheat. Still feeling great but could feel that my gut wasn’t completely healing. I again talked with Shar, and we decided it would be best for me to change from GAPS full to autoimmune paleo.

unnamed-2 unnamed-1

Autoimmune paleo (AIP) is like GAPS full but worse (I mean … better). Foods to avoid: grains, legumes, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate. (Gasp.) It’s been me and AIP foods for three weeks. I’ve been feeling really great. No pains, no bloating, 100% goodness. The plan is for me to eat this way for one more week. Then I’ll slowly add the foods that I was “allergic” to back in to see if it was a true allergy or if all along it was from my leaky gut.

unnamed unnamed-4

I have already seen my body healing though! People, I can now eat raw fruits and vegetables. That is amazing!!!

unnamed-6 unnamed-5

Thank you Jesus for leading Severine, Shar, and me into learning how to heal my body.

(If you have allergies or just want to know more about why your body isn’t responding to foods the way it was made to, you need to buy the book Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. The first half of the books is written to explain food and your body and many meal plans to help heal AIP conditions to thyroid health, to fat loss, and chronic fatigue and so on. The second half of the book is full of recipes.)


2 thoughts on “Healing through food.

  1. Love this!! I’m following a Dysbiosis Diet, 6 weeks in, it’s very similar, no bloating within 3 days, my scalp condition that I’ve treated since HS with medicated shampoos and steriods is GONE, get that GONE!! And I have more energy!!! Although I was already dairy free, I hear you on missing fruits and starchy veggies!! My new motto, it must be sour and green unless it’s lean :) glad you are healing yourself!! Our bodies are amazing!!

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