I’ve been eating more salads lately, every day for lunch in fact. These tips from “Oh Happy Day” are great.

This kitchen renovation on Jami Nato’s blog is a killer, in a great, wonderful way.

I am not usually drawn to dark green walls, but this reading room by “Chris Loves Julia” is changing my mind.

Going to be painting some baskets soon, and I’m pretty excited about it.

This is our new favorite, last minute dish: Korean Beef Bowl.

After Christmas, Sadie and I flew to my sister’s house in Indiana for a week. Jana had her second son over a month ago and I got to snuggle him a lot, play with his older brother Justus! My Dad, Mom, brothers, Grandma, and a few friends also drove to Jana’s house so we could spend time altogether.

DSCN4146 DSCN4116 DSCN4074


New Shelves in the Kitchen.

Yup, we now have new shelves in our kitchen. I have been wanting to put these shelves up for over a year and so it was oh so nice to come home from my trip to Indiana to see that Dwight and his Dad hung them up.

Here is the before:


Its hard to tell in the picture, but our cabinets are very high. (I can’t even reach the top shelf without climbing on a chair.) Because of the cabinets being so high, there was quite a bit of wasted space between the counter and the first shelf. The new shelves add to our kitchen storage (which we don’t have much off) and they do look mighty fine if you ask me!

DSCN4154 DSCN4158 DSCN4161

Christmas Twenty-Thirteen

Christmas day: opening presents with the kids (with Dwight’s parents watching on Skype), a breakfast of eggs and bacon, lots of playing with toys, skyping with my family, a wonderful relaxed dinner, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus (over and over), and a movie for Dwight and I after the kids went to bed.

DSCN4026 DSCN4050

We took our time this year having the kids open their presents, and it was wonderful. Last year we had them wait to play with their toys until all the gifts were opened, but this year one of them would open a gift and then play with it for a quite a few minutes before someone else opened another gift. It was so great to see them enjoying their gift and not in a hurry to see what else was under the tree waiting for them.

DSCN4036 DSCN4063 DSCN4051

This was Sadie’s first Christmas. So thankful she is part of our Bernier family!

DSCN4017 DSCN4055“Come let us adore Him … For He alone is worthy!”


Randomness + A Birthday!

Ever since I head Dwight Schrute sing “Little Drummer Boy” with Angela in The Office, that songs has made the hair on the back of my neck stand up … and, not in a good way. Here is a quick glimpse of Schrute singing:

Last week my brother sent me a link of another version of “Little Drummer boy” and now this song makes the hair on back of my neck stand up, but in a good way.

And, a shout out to my girl, my bff … Happy Birthday Erin!
I love you! So proud of you! Thankful for your friendship!!! Please move to Montreal so we can be together … no really, please move. :)

DSCN3093 IMG_0972



Dwight and I started juicing a year ago. We juice 5 out of the 7 days each week. Its easy to do: cut, push through juicer, drink. I prefer to use a straw while Dwight just chugs his. This is what we put in one cup of juice: 1 big apple, 2 celery, 2 carrots, a hand full of kale, half of a cucumber, and half a lemon (peeled). All of that, for breakfast.



I knew before we started to juice that it would be good for us, but here are a few ways it surprised me:

– When I don’t juice for breakfast, I am hungry before lunch (meaning, I need a snack halfway through the morning). However, when I juice I am not hungry at all before lunch! Win!

– After having Malachi, I became allergic to almost all raw vegetables and fruits. Yup, that’s right and it is the worst. BUT, I discovered that I can drink the juice and I have no problems with my mouth and lips swelling. Love that I have a way to get the goods into my body.

– Earlier this summer, I had to stop drinking coffee, due to stomach pains. In the past when I have had to stop drinking coffee I get headaches, feel tired, and the mornings are so long.  However, thanks to juicing, when I stopped coffee this summer, I had no headaches and didn’t feel at all tired.


The juicer we use is the Omega Juicer.  Our friends told us about it and we were sold: easy to use, fast clean up, good quality. It is pretty expensive, but it was on sale and we had some points on amazon saved up, so I think we ended up spending only $5o.


A number of people have told me of their interest in juicing, and to those I say: DO IT!!! It might taste weird at first, but you will end up craving the taste after just a week (0r less) of juicing. A few last tips for you: wash the veggies, you only need to peel the lemon, cut the veggies as small as the opening of the juicer is, cut the veggies right before juicing them, and you have to drink it in less than 15 minutes to get all the benefits of the juice.

I would love to answer any question you might have about juicing! Feel free to ask!

Juice it up!


Malachi turned two last week. 2. It seems like only yesterday …

Malachi, our hearts are so full of love for you! You are funny, dependent, a bit shy, and have lots of energy! Your hugs are wonderful and I could watch you dance all day.  You love music and wrestling with your Dad. You love to “help” me cook and try to do whatever Nehemiah is doing.

To celebrate his 2nd Birthday, Dwight and I decided to have our friends watch Nehemiah and Sadie so we could take just Malachi out to eat. We have never done this with him, and he loved it! All the pictures I took ended up blurry or too dark (not sure why), but I’m ok with it and will post them, to remember our time with our Malachi Edouard.

DSCN3918 DSCN3920 DSCN3922


After we ate, we come back to our apartment to have cupcakes with our neighbor/friends. It was the perfect kind of celebrating, with our Malachi, for this year.
Malachi’s favorite songs: “Daddy Finger” and “God Undefeatable”.
His weighs 30 pounds and wears size 2T.
His favorite person (besides the four of us): Shar (hands down).
Favorite foods: pretty much everything!


For my Seester.

Jana, this post if for you.

As I promised (a few weeks ago) here are a few pictures of our guest room. Dwight hung up the pictures before we had our flow of guest come. I used to put the futon in the couch position when it wasn’t used as a bed, but it has become the “boys you can’t jump on the couch but you can jump on the futon” win. Win for them, win for me, win for the couches. Win, win, win.

We still need to buy a new light and a (colorful?) rug.
(Sorry for the bad picture quality. The lighting is terrible in that room.)

DSCN3826 DSCN3828 DSCN3830 DSCN3831


It has been quite a few weeks since I last updated this here blog. Let me fill you in on a little of what has happened in those weeks.

Nehemiah is going to school now!!! Preschool, Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9 till 1. He loves it! He thinks everyday should be school day. He loves his teachers, the kids, and that his good friend Emilio goes to the same school. It is a 10 to 15 minute drive from our house (only downside). Malachi, Sadie, and I take N to and from  school on Tuesday and Dwight has taken the Thursday shift which is a-mazing.
Nehemiah, we are so proud of you!

DSCN3719 DSCN3722 DSCN3723 DSCN3724 DSCN3725Sadie (almost 7 months old) has changed a lot in the last few weeks. Not the kind of changes that other people would notice but the kind of changes that I want to write on the blog so I remember them.

All in the same week: Sadie dropped her dream feed (last feed is at 6:45pm and she sleeps till 7am), her awake time is now an hour and half to two hours and then she sleeps for two hours, she stopped using her swaddle (we stopped awhile ago swaddling her arms, she only used it around her waist. But now no swaddle at all), she is THIS close to crawling but she has managed to figure out her own way to crawl/fall/army crawl/slide to get what toy she wants. And, Sadie has started eating solids. What a week that was!

DSCN3699 DSCN3717Malachi is doing well. He has officially passed Nehemiah in weight. That boy is a tank!! His new word is “this”. He still doesn’t talk much, but I know he is able to understand everything we say. He’s just taking his time (like he does with everything).  Malachi loves to give hugs, listen to music, and to eat. He’s my big little man. He’ll be two in November … what?

DSCN3614 DSCN3619There ya go, a little update on the Littles.


Lunch with our Alice.

Wednesday was our “last day” with Alice living with us. Even though we say “last day”, we will still see her every Sunday at i22, at our Missional Community nights, and whenever she wants to sleep over our home is open for her. “Mi casa es su casa” as some might say. The summer flew by. With our long vacation and her long vacation a month later, there wasn’t as much time together as we thought. But, it was good! We were blessed with her here and I know if you talked with her, she would tell you that she was blessed by it too.

Alice, thank you for your time with us. Thanks for being ok with the early mornings, for helping me out: playing for hours and hours with Nehemiah, folding laundry, helping make dinner a few times, cleaning the bathroom, making it possible to get all three kids out of the house at once (to the parks, on walks, and to the wading pool), and dealing with all that happens in our crazy/fun Bernier home. Thankful for you.

To celebrate our time together, we ate lunch at the Atwater Market on Wednesday.

DSCN3670 DSCN3676 DSCN3673 DSCN3679 DSCN3686 DSCN3680 DSCN3683 DSCN3691 DSCN3685 DSCN3681

Allow Me to Introduce You to …

Cotton Edith Stenberg.


Born at 6lb and 15 oz.


To you, precious Cotton, we are praying for you, that Jesus will open your heart at a young age. We are so thankful for your life and we are excited to watch you grow up. Love you so much already.

DSCN3657 DSCN3660 DSCN3661

We are convinced that Sadie and Cotton will be great friends. Meh, why not! They are 6 months and 1 day apart in age. (Cotton makes Sadie look so big! Sadie P, slow down please.) (Is not Oliver going to be an amazing Dad or what?)



Hannah and Oliver are good friends of ours here in Montreal. Hannah, well … lets just say that Hannah is one of the reasons I get excited to come back to Montreal when I am away. Thankful for her and glad we are  doing this “Motherhood” thing together.

DSCN3666 DSCN3653