The Things They Say.

Some of my favorite things the kids have said lately …

11846541_879748581423_8777929886866125331_n-1 11902514_879751630313_2076150415463682258_n

While sitting around the table, the kids were practicing letters off of flashcards I was holding. One after the other, Nehemiah, “B!” Malachi, “B!” Sadie, “B!”. Another card, Nehemiah, “W!” Malachi, “W!” Sadie (without missing a beat), “I’m busy right now!”

11222523_879748860863_8652274908528160665_n 11898577_879748591403_4326635352916190055_n

One morning Malachi was helping me prepare a whole chicken in the crock pot and we talked about the bones of the chicken and the skin and so on. Later that day, Malachi touches his leg and asked, “Mama, are there chickens in my legs?” After I second I said, “Do you mean bones?”

11896090_879748930723_7090854352862247271_n 11863435_879751690193_8522113900783977820_n

Nehemiah, “We can share food because we are part of the same family, right Mom? But if someone is from another world, it wouldn’t be ok!”

IMG_5180 IMG_5760

Sadie was trying to finish eating her cheerios fast, “I’m eating like a cheddar!” Me, “Do you mean a cheetah?”


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